Women Are More Likely to Be Visually Impaired or Blind than Men

Two-thirds of people who are visually impaired or blind are women, according to the National Institutes of Health — but experts don’t know exactly why. Read on as the team at Island Eye Surgicenter shares what women should know about their risk, and explains some of the most plausible reasons for the discrepancy.

Can Cataract Surgery Extend Your Life?

There’s good news for people struggling with the visual deterioration caused by cataracts. Recent research suggests that cataract surgery not only improves poor vision, it may also prolong a person’s life. Below, the team at Island Eye Surgicenter breaks down the research in more detail.

Three New Year Resolutions for Healthier Eyes

If you are like most people, you are already thinking about ways to improve your life and self in 2018. Island Eye Surgicenter, a leading eye surgery center in Long Island, wants to encourage you to make easy resolutions for improving your eye health. Here, we offer a few ideas.

Common Questions about Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the U.S. today — and one of the safest. The cataract surgeons at Island Eye Surgicenter regularly meet with potential cataract patients. Here, we share our answers to the most frequently asked questions about cataract surgery.

What Is Digital Eyestrain?

According to the Vision Council, approximately 65 percent of American adults report having symptoms of digital eye strain, a group of vision-related problems resulting from prolonged exposure to digital devices (e.g., computers, smartphones, and TV screens). Although digital eye strain is benign, it can certainly make everyday life uncomfortable.

Choosing a Cataract Surgeon

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the U.S., and most patients achieve great outcomes. Nonetheless, it is imperative that you choose a cataract surgeon with the right qualifications. In this blog post, the vision team at Island Eye Surgicenter discusses what you need to know when selecting a cataract surgeon.

Why Your Family’s Eye Health Is Important

It is customary for your eye doctor to ask you a few questions about your family’s eye health during a routine eye exam or before undergoing treatment. This is because your genes play a big factor in various aspects of your health, including your eye health. The expert team at Island Eye Surgicenter, a leading… Continue Reading →

90 Percent of Work-Related Eye Injuries Are Avoidable

Avoiding work-related eye injuries

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), each day approximately 2,000 American workers experience a job-related eye injury that requires medical attention. This results in more than $300 million a year in lost productivity, medical treatment and compensation. However, experts believe that 90 percent of these accidents can be prevented by wearing the right… Continue Reading →

Tips to Improve Vision when Driving at Night

Tips to Improve Night Vision

The board certified eye doctors at Island Eye Surgicenter regularly meet with patients who struggle with poor night vision, something that can be especially problematic when driving. If you experience problems seeing at night, read the following tips for driving.

Summer Eye Safety Tips

Summer Eye Safety Tips

With summer quickly approaching, it’s a good time to discuss how to protect your eyes from the sun. Here, the vision experts at Island Eye Surgicenter in Long Island share five tips that will keep your eyes healthy and happy all summer long.

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