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Our Commitment to Innovation and Leading-Edge Technology

As leaders in quality medical and surgical eye care, the entire staff of Island Eye Surgicenter believes that patients should receive the best care possible through a combination of competent medical professionals, a safe, comfortable environment and, most importantly, the latest, most innovative technologies. In fact, Island Eye Surgicenter frequently participates in and conducts vital research that contributes to the development of state-of-the-art technologies that are shared with our ophthalmology colleagues and eventually with our patients.

Island Eye is proud to be one of the most technologically advanced surgical eye centers in the nation, offering attending surgeons and their patients unparalleled safety, precision and the ability to obtain optimal surgical outcomes through the latest, most innovative surgical tools and laser systems.

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Our State-of-the-Art Technology

LenSx Femtosecond Laser

Island Eye Surgicenter is only the fourth surgical center in the nation and the first on the East Coast to obtain the leading-edge LenSx femtosecond laser for laser cataract surgery. LenSx was modeled after femtosecond lasers used in bladeless LASIK eye surgery. Now this revolutionary technology has redefined key steps of cataract surgery that were traditionally performed manually by the surgeon. By allowing the surgeon to use a laser to create flawless, self-sealing incisions and perform lens fragmentation and anterior capsulotomy, all in a single step, LenSx greatly reduces cataract surgery treatment time and has made an already effective operation even more precise, predictable and safe.

WaveTec ORange Aberrometer

The WaveTec ORange Aberrometer is a revolutionary device that analyzes refractive errors during cataract surgery. ORange works by directing a beam of low light into the eye during surgery to measure the reflected wave of light exiting the eye. This analysis identifies the unique optical characteristics and focusing power of each eye. By obtaining this essential information during surgery, eye surgeons can ensure optimal vision correction results and determine the correct degree of astigmatism correction as well as confirm intraocular lens implant accuracy.

Zeiss Lumera Surgical Microscopes

Island Eye Surgicenter houses the most sophisticated surgical microscopes made by Carl Zeiss for maximum surgical precision. The Zeiss Lumera surgical microscopes are equipped with the most innovative technologies, including Stereo Coaxial Illumination for unique detail recognition, quality contrast and stability. This and other unique features of the Zeiss Lumera microscopes allow cataract surgeons to illuminate the eye and see through even the densest cataracts. In addition, the microscopes are easy to operate, thereby providing the surgeon with maximum support and undisrupted surgical procedures with ease and convenience.

WhiteStar Signature Phacoemulsification System

Island Eye Surgicenter operating rooms are equipped with the leading-edge WhiteStar Signature Phacoemulsification System manufactured by Abbott Medical Optics (AMO). These high-tech cataract removal machines with torsional ultrasonic handpieces provide cataract surgeons with safe, revolutionary tools to break up and remove the cataractous lens from the eye. In addition to the smooth motion of the phaco tip, the AMO cataract removal machines incorporate Fusion Fluidics technology, allowing the use of high vacuum and flow settings, which reduce phacoemulsification time and increase efficiency. The WhiteStar Signature System is designed to provide optimal safety, efficiency, convenience and control.

TrueVision 3-D Surgical Visualization System

TrueVision is a high-definition visualization system that displays the surgical field of view in real time on a three-dimensional panel, thereby enabling surgeons and the entire operating room team to view images that could previously only be observed through the use of microscopes. The TrueVision 3-D system is also extremely versatile and can be used during a range of surgical procedures of the eye, including refractive, cataract, glaucoma and retinal surgeries. Island Eye is proud to feature this breakthrough technology in their state-of-the-art operating rooms.

EndoOptiks ECP Laser for Glaucoma Surgery

The EndoOptiks ECP laser is used during endoscopic CycloPhotocoagulation, a minimally invasive glaucoma treatment that inhibits fluid-producing organs in the eye, thereby minimizing drainage and decreasing the eye’s intraocular pressure. This technology combines laser energy with leading-edge endoscopic intraocular visualization and circular-pattern application in a single instrument for safe and effective glaucoma treatments. The laser-guided microendoscope allows for simultaneous viewing and treatment through a single incision. Glaucoma ECP treatment has been successfully performed for more than a decade on more than 50,000 glaucoma patients.

Lumenis Selecta Duet SLT Laser for Glaucoma Surgery

The Lumenis Selecta Duet SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty) system is used to treat glaucoma by stimulating the body to increase the flow of aqueous humor and improve drainage, thereby lowering the eye’s intraocular pressure and preserving functional vision. This technology is currently the most advanced glaucoma treatment and combines the unique advantages of photodisruption capabilities with innovative SLT technology for safe, precise and effective glaucoma surgery. When used for SLT therapy, this laser is proven to reduce IOP in a single procedure without damaging the eye’s trabecular meshwork.

Nidek YC-1800 Ophthalmic Yag Laser

The Nidek YC-1800 Ophthalmic Yag Laser can be used for a range of medical applications, including the iridectomy procedure for treatment of glaucoma. The laser features state-of-the-art technologies, including front-facing control display, versatility and adjustability. It can be paired with the Nidek GYC/Green photocoagulator to expand the surgeon’s varied clinical needs. In addition, the Yag is known for its high-stability pulse control and rotating aiming beam for superior visual sensitivity. The Yag laser is extremely safe and precise and gently removes tissue without heat or increased risk of complications to the patient.

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